El Paso City Council to Commit to Climate Action Plan.

El Paso, Texas City Council is set to join a host of other American cities in committing to fighting climate change in their municipalities. Cities such as Houston, Dallas, Denver, Oakland, and Las Cruces, have already committed to reducing carbon gas emmissions and combat climate change. At today’s City Council meeting, El Paso City Reps. look to have El Paso join them.

El Paso City Council is hoping to establish a modern commitment to helping to ensure that El Paso continues to grow and develop with Climate Change in mind.

“We need to make the most of what we have here…So, it’s not just a one-size fits all, it’s about coming up with a plan, a strategy, an ability to execute.”-District 1 City Rep. Peter Svarzbien said.

50th Anniversary of Earth Day

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the day we set aside to honor and remember the planet that we call our home, and the environmental challenges that we still face. As a Christian, I read in the scriptures that God commanded us to take dominion and be good stewards in caring for his creation. This is a commandment that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

I also believe that the science surrounding the issue of climate change is real and settled. 97% of climatologists say that climate change is occurring and is man-made. The policy debate about how to address the issue is what is being discussed. The so called climate deniers have largely marginalized on Capitol Hill and in the media.

I also believe that climate change could be God’s wrath being pored out in judgement of human’s abuse and misuse or his creation.

Super Tuesday

Today is super Tuesday. If you live in any of the 14 states that are holding primaries today, go vote. Justin Dart, Jr., Texan and father of the ADA said, “Vote as if your life depends on it, because it does.” I know that it is said every election, but it truer this year, than in any other. This is the most important election in our lifetime. Many critical and important issues are at stake in this election. Our right to healthcare, our right to an education, right to vote, and our right to live, work, and worship or not worship in our communities. Our democracy, rights, liberties, and even our planet are at stake. So, it is crucial that you get out and vote.

Joe Biden picked up three critical endorsements for his campaign last night, and is set to do well in today’s primaries. Bernie Sanders still has big leads in California, which could offset any Joe Biden surge he is getting from South Carolina victory and the endorsements of Pete Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke, and Amy Klobuchar.

This also will be the first time we’ll see Michael Bloomberg will on the ballot. How will he effect the primaries and Joe Biden’s support with moderates? That will be put to the test today. Come back tomorrow for my analysis of today’s Super Tuesday results.

The President’s Proposed Budget Needs to be Declared Dead on Arrival in Congress

The President unveiled his fiscal year 2021 budget this passed Sunday, which included some massive, draconian cuts, to social safety net programs, as environmental protection and foreign aid. The proposed budget is already receiving major criticism from policymakers on capital hill and from activists and advocacy groups like the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. I wonder what Bono thinks about the proposed cuts to Foreign Aid.

The budget should be announced dead on arrival on the floor of the House, where I hope that AOC and company and the Justice Democrats in the House will hold Nancy Pelosi’s feet to the fire and let her know that they will not vote to approve the President’s budget.

I would hope that even fiscal conservatives in the house and senate would see this budget and say that the the cuts go way to far. Mitt Romney, if you want to make amends for your 2012 47% comments, opposing the President’s budget is a good place to start.

The constitution gives Congress the power of the purse strings. The President can give his budgetary priorities to Congress, but it is Congress that will formally approve or not approve it. We need bipartisanship here, bipartisan opposition.

Trump’s Proposed Budget Includes Massive Cuts To Social Welfare Programs.

Trump’s proposed budget unveiled yesterday would reduce the federal deficit by upwards of $4.4 trillion, a noble goal in itself, but one which would come at the expense of the poor and marginalized. It seems like Bush era Compassionate Conservatism is dead and Trump’s conquest of the Republican Party is complete.

Federal budgets are moral documents which tend show where our national priorities lie. This budget shows that we or at least the Trump Administration has its priorities misplaced.

The proposed budget includes to food stamps, as well as Medicaid and Medicare. It also reduces the budget for the Environmental Protection Agency. Also seeing cuts, are student loan assistance, and affordable housing initiatives. Among the groups that would be hurt most by cuts are people with disabilities.

If Donald Trump is wanting to help Bernie Sanders and drive people to his campaign, he is doing a good job of it.

One area that isn’t receiving cuts is defense. That is to be expected, but does it really need to be at the expense of vulnerable and marginalized communities.

In Matthew 25, Jesus taught us that we would be judged in part by how we treated the “least of these.” A good question for us ponder and ask ourselves is, “Does this budget fulfill that obligation?

Greta Thunberg Named Time Person of the Year

Every year in December, Time Magazine names its person or persons who they believe made the most impact on world events, for good or bad, that year. This year, that distinction went Greta Thunberg, the 16-year old girl from Sweden who appeared before the UN to try to spur global action on climate change. A lesser known fact is that she is also on the Autism Spectrum. Thus, making her the youngest and the first openly Autistic person to be given this distinction.

Environmental Protection or creation care shouldn’t be a partisan issue. God gave humans dominion and stewardship over his creation, and that is an obligation that should be taken seriously. Because of sin and greed, we haven’t been the best stewards of the environment and have abused the responsibility that God gave us., and we are now reaping what we’ve sewn.

There are others who Time probably considered. The Hong Kong Democracy Demonstrators, I believe, could’ve been picked as well. Greta Thunberg, though, does deserve this distinction and privilege.