City Unveils It’s FY 2022 Budget.

El Paso City Council unveiled it’s budget for fiscal year 2022 at its meeting on Tuesday. The proposed budget will cost up to $473 million, an increase of $31 million from 2021.

The proposed budget for the next fiscal year will focus in four areas, including public safety, streets, quality of life, and capitol bond projects. Allocated funds for these four focus areas include $291 million for public safety, an increase of $13 million from 2021. $53 million for Quality of Life, and $50 million for infrastructure.

Street resurfacing projects would receive around $7.8 million in funding. $3 million for collector roads and $4.8 million for residential streets.

Quality of life includes funding for 32 facilities budgeted to open, including Recreation and Senior Centers, which were closed due to the pandemic.

$180 million in funding will go to various capital bond projects that have been approved by the voters of by City Council.

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