President Joe Biden’s Job Approval Now Stands at 53.7% on Average.

According to my new average of President Biden’s approval numbers, 53.7% of American voters approve of the President’s job performance. The average was 53.6% yesterday. 41.1% of voters still disapprove of Biden. Today’s Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll, which I factored into the average, shows President Biden with a job approval of 49% and a disapproval of 49%

Democrats in Virginia go to the polls today to choose who will be their party’s nominee in this falls Virginia Gubernatorial election. The nominee will face Republican Glen Youngkin, who was nominated by Virginia Republicans at their state convention last month.

Former Governor and former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe, is the front-runner. A recent Roanoke College poll of likely voters gives the former governor a sizable lead over his closest challenger, Jennifer Carroll Foy, 49% to 11%. McAuliffe has the endorsements of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Governor Ralph Northam, who is unable to run because of term-limits.

A new Senate Report on the January 6th insurrection was released yesterday. It stated that intelligence regarding a possible attack on the capital was known two weeks prior to the January 6th assault, but was left unanalyzed.

A recent Ipsos poll on the New York City Mayoral Democratic shows that former Presidential candidate Andrew Yang is in second place, behind front-runner Eric Adams, who picked 22% in the latest survey. Yang gathered 16%.

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