President Biden’s Job Approval Now Stands at an Average of 53.6%.

According to my new average of President Joe Biden’s job approval numbers, 53.6% of voters approve of the President’s job performance. It was at 53.9% Friday afternoon after the Hill/HarrisX numbers were released. His disapproval, according to my average, is 41.1%. The latest polling data that I factored into my average, is the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll, which gave the President an approval rating of 48% and a disapproval of 49%.

The White House, last Thursday, released new numbers on the country’s vaccination rate. The President, earlier this year, laid out a goal, to have 70% of the nation fully vaccinated by July 4th. It’s looking like we might fall a bit short.

70% is the threshold for herd immunity.

According to the White House’s numbers, 63% of Americans have received at least one dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. 52% of Americans have been fully vaccinated. 12 states have already reached the 70% threshold.

Last week, vaccination rates fell about one percentage short of the targeted number, many that, if that trend continues, the number of Americans having at least one dose, would be 67%. Short of the President’s 70% goal.

We’ll probably get to the 70% threshold, but it might not be by July 4th.

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